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The Power of Music in the Office with Jamie Sura, TouchTunes

May 13, 2022 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 435
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
The Power of Music in the Office with Jamie Sura, TouchTunes
Show Notes

Now more than ever employees highly value their everyday work experience. Company culture is evolving to encompass the things that make people want to come to work.

In this HRchat episode, we consider the power of music in the workplace.

Bill's guest this time is Jamie Sura, Senior Vice President of Sales for TouchTunes, the jukebox mobile app bringing team-sourced music to help create vibrant and engaging office environments.

Jamie is responsible for driving continuous revenue growth through effective channel management and strategic sales initiatives.

Questions Include: 

  • Given the context of the Great Resignation and the difficulty of attracting and retaining employees, why do you believe companies must find new and innovative employee benefits to attract talent and keep existing employees happy? 
  • TouchTunes has launched a new music solution for workplaces called TouchTunes Unlimited to help create a vibrant and engaging workplace culture for employees. ​Who should select the music played in offices? HR, leaders, employees, all? What checks can be in place to ensure the music is apt for office culture? 
  • How do you believe tools like TouchTunes Unlimited help to improve workplace culture?

More About Jamie Sura

Previously at TouchTunes, Jamie was responsible for National Accounts, the Technical Services team and Canada, and also supported the transformation and reorganization of the Inside Sales team.

Prior to joining TouchTunes, Jamie served as Vice President, Small and Medium Business at Bell Canada. Mr. Sura previously held a number of leadership, operational and strategic sales and management roles with small and large companies including IBM and Snap-On Tools. Mr. Sura holds a BA with a major in Physics from Colgate University.

About TouchTunes

TouchTunes is an interactive music platform that has over 70,000 digital jukeboxes in bars, restaurants and beyond. With TouchTunes Unlimited, TouchTunes is expanding to bring an interactive music experience, enjoyed by millions of people every week, to offices and workplaces nationwide.

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