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WTF Is Up With Web3 Recruiting with Adam Posner, ThePOZcast

June 30, 2022 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 453
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
WTF Is Up With Web3 Recruiting with Adam Posner, ThePOZcast
Show Notes

Bill's guest in episode 453 is Adam Posner, Founder and President at NHP Talent Group & Probably Nothing Talent. 

Adam is also the host of the top global career podcast, ThePOZcast- showcasing experts to help you harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward. He has produced and aired over 200 episodes with top guests like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Kara Goldin, and Tucker Max to name a few.

Adam will also be a speaker at the July 6th DisruptHR London event in Mayfair. Check out the agenda and book your tickets here.

Questions for Adam include: 

  • Can you talk about the rise of Web3 jobs? 
  • Web3 roles exist in many industries including Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT's. What's challenging for recruiters in these newer industries? 
  • Why get into Web3 recruiting roles? 
  • What are your top tips for those looking to get into web3 talent attraction positions? 
  • Tell us about your session at DisruptHR London: “WTF is up with web3 recruiting?”
  • Tell us about your global career podcast, ThePOZcast

More About Adam

Prior to pivoting into the world of recruiting, Adam spent 15 years working within the NYC advertising and marketing industry. He has led account management and digital strategy at American Express, SIRIUS XM, and digital ad agencies in NYC like VaynerMedia and EP+Co for major Clients like Verizon, Pepsi, and British Airways. This has instilled him with a unique perspective when working with candidates to truly understand their Career DNA and ensure a good fit on both sides of the recruiting equation. In addition, he brings expert advisory on the Talent Acquisition process, employer branding, and recruitment operations.

He has built a strong reputation by always putting relationships first while balancing his Client's business needs and Candidates' career goals. Adam is truly a power connector. He identifies opportunities, synergies and connects the dots.

NHP is a boutique NY-based talent consultancy, specializing in talent access for Senior-level roles within Digital Marketing, Media, eCommerce, and Product and Content Creation at startups, Creative Agencies, and Brands. Probably Nothing Talent, launched in January 2022 focuses on all Web3-related roles across Blockchain, Crypto and NFT's.

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