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Candidate Sourcing Tips with Karen Azulai

July 12, 2022 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 457
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
Candidate Sourcing Tips with Karen Azulai
Show Notes

In this episode, we focus on what's working in the world of talent sourcing and candidate attraction.

Bill's guest is Karen Azulai, a self-described "multi-disciplinarian and forward-thinking professional who operates at the intersection of talent sourcing and recruitment technologies". 

Questions For Karen Include: 

  • What makes a person good at sourcing talent? 
  • What about a good recruiter? What are those intrinsic qualities/skills? 
  • What advice would you have for folks thinking of moving into sourcing? 
  • How has the Great Resignation placed extra emphasis/stress on getting sourcing right en mass? 
  • You speak/attend a large number of conferences on sourcing/recruiting. What are the top sourcing conferences worldwide in your opinion? How pleased are you that in-person events are back? 
  • As a sourcing expert, can you share 3-5 of your top sourcing tools?

More About Karen

Karen is a leading voice in the international sourcing and HR Tech community. She has been a Fortunate to have keynoted in conferences around Europe and Asia.

She believes in raising awareness as to how advanced technology is here to help us and advocates for ways to maximize its use.

Karen delivers global talent sourcing workshops to organizations that want to upgrade their recruiting and sourcing teams and for them to source more effectively.

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