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Connections Between HR and Marketing with Ron Tite, Church + State

January 19, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 530
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
Connections Between HR and Marketing with Ron Tite, Church + State
Show Notes

In this episode of the HRchat show, we talk about the connections between the HR and Marketing departments. Our guest today is Ron Tite, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Church + State.

An entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author, Ron Tite has always blurred the lines between art and commerce. He has been an award-winning advertising writer and Creative Director for some of the world’s most respected brands including Air France, DoorDash, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Volvo, Walmart, and many others.

Questions For Ron Include:

  • You have a history of working in the marketing and advertising space and believe either HR has to report into marketing or marketing has to report to HR. How are the two departments interconnected and why should HR take it's direction from Marketing or v.v.? 
  • What are some common HR activities previously managed by Marketing (e.g. projecting the employer brand).
  • In a recent LinkedIn post, you wrote: "Employers are looking for people who can manage their relationships AND do their job. Especially now. In May 2020, nearly half of US workers reported feeling that their boss cared about their wellbeing. That number has since HALVED. Plus - workers who reported feeling uncared for by a boss were 69% more likely to look for a new job, or report suffering from burnout". Why do you suggest many leaders have reverted to pre-pandemic form and are being less empathetic/supportive of their employees?
  • In another recent post, you shared some thoughts on work-life balance: "When we talk about work/life balance, we usually define it as "making sure my work life doesn't creep into my personal life". I think it's way more complicated than that. Often, our personal life creeps into our work life in the form of emotional distraction. The toughest part is that those people often feel like they can't or don't want to talk about it with their colleagues. It's difficult to acknowledge their efforts at work but we can certainly do it". How important is it to company culture that employees are able to share info on their personal lives with colleagues? What does this do to engagement levels? 
  • Tell us about your latest book, "Think. Do. Say: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy Busy World" (2019). Why did you write it, who is it aimed at and what are some of the key lessons readers will take away? 

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