HRchat Podcast

How Poor Communication Can Manifest in the Workplace with Yuri Kruman

February 16, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 542
HRchat Podcast
How Poor Communication Can Manifest in the Workplace with Yuri Kruman
Show Notes

In this episode of the HRchat podcast, we consider the employee experience and ask: Are we getting worse at communicating? 

Bill's guest this time is Yuri Kruman, Chief Executive Officer / Head of Remote at HR, Talent & Systems, a full-service HR Consultancy, focused on building out robust HR functions for fast-growth companies.

Yuri is a sought-after speaker and expert on HR, Digital Transformation, and Employee Experience (EX).

Questions For Yuri Include: 

  • How did you end up in HR after 5 other unrelated careers?
  • In an article on LinkedIn, you write: "Basically, humans, especially men, f-ing suck at communication. We have a million channels for communication - you know, WhatsApp, Facetime, Messenger, face-to-face, FB, Slack, email, carrier pigeon. But our actual communication is poor and getting poorer". What did you mean by this, why do you feel men are particularly bad at communicating? 
  • How can poor communication manifest in the workplace? What are the negative consequences on the employee experience and what can be done to improve things?
  • In another post called '5 Ways Transactional Thinking Is Robbing You Blind -- and How to Stop It NOW', you say "The trouble is, most of really don’t get how this transactional, tactical short-sighted thinking has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, with 4-second attention spans, insanely short news cycles and blazing fast internet and mobile data speeds driving us (crazy), anxious and inattentive." Transactional thinking, you suggest, blinds us to what unites us, while exacerbating what separates us, makes us more easily manipulated, takes away our hope and makes us depressed, and causes us more to be more dependent on technology and less dependent on our own sense of right and wrong, and truth and lies. Why do we think transactionally and how can we adjust our mindsets? 
  • What compelled you to write your latest book series, Be Your Own Commander-in-Chief?

More About Yuri

Yuri is a member of the Fast Company Executive Board, Newsweek Expert Forum and Forbes Coaches Council, as well as a contributor to Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Newsweek,, Influencive and a number of other top platforms. He had consulted and spoken at numerous Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies, VC-backed startups and top universities, including EY, Google, Columbia and UPenn, likewise appearing on network TV and top podcasts, including NBC's "Tipping Point," Leadership and Loyalty Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire and Wharton Business Radio. In addition, his executive leadership coaching practice has impacted thousands of top executives.

 He is the author of "What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life" (Business Expert Press, March 2019) and "Be Your Own Commander-in-Chief" (Ideapress Publishing, 2021).

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