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Building a Learning Culture with Toby Kheng, Solvd Together

February 23, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 545
HRchat Podcast
Building a Learning Culture with Toby Kheng, Solvd Together
Show Notes

Building an organizational learning culture requires a concerted effort from HR and L&D professionals. A growth mindset, clear learning goals, regular feedback and coaching, and a supportive learning environment are key factors that can help to create an organizational learning culture. By implementing these strategies, HR and L&D professionals can help to create an environment where employees are motivated to learn and grow, leading to improved job performance, employee engagement, and organizational productivity.

The guest in episode 545 of the HRchat show is Toby Kheng, Director at Solvd Together, a company on a mission to build skills, support performance, and shift mindsets with human-centered learning tools, resources, and experiences. 

Questions For Toby Include:

  • Why does your team believe that the ways they build the Solvd learning and performance solutions generate the greatest possible results for your clients' employees?
  • What are the common factors that get in the way of learning?
  • How can HR and L&D pros build an organizational learning culture? Is it even possible? 
  • Solvd uses a variety of learning methodologies, including 5Di Learning Design What is 5Di and how can it help develop employees?
  • How can HR and L&D support learning in a hybrid workplace?
  • You recently spoke at DisruptHR Norwich. Tell me about your session

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