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Opportunities in Guyana with Rita Sookrit, Pritipaul Singh and Dr. Vishnu

October 09, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 633
HRchat Podcast
Opportunities in Guyana with Rita Sookrit, Pritipaul Singh and Dr. Vishnu
Show Notes

In this episode of the HRchat Podcast, Bill Banham talks with Pritipaul Singh, the entrepreneur behind Guyana Port Inc. (GPI), Dr. Vishnu, founder of ActionINVEST (ACI), and Rita Sookrit, the Canada Learning Lead at Hemsley Fraser. Their insights shed light on the dynamic landscape of business and learning in Guyana. 

This episode illuminates the diverse strategies and collaborations shaping Guyana's business landscape. Pritipaul Singh's entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Vishnu's community-driven approach, and Rita Sookrit's market insights exemplify the innovation and collaboration driving Guyana's future. 

Pritipaul Singh: Setting Sail for Success

Pritipaul Singh, the driving force behind GPI, shared his ambitious plans for the future. Singh discusse  marine solutions in Guyan; particularly dry docking and management. His passion for this field has steered GPI's unique direction. As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Guyana, Singh highlighted the obstacles he overcame, showcasing his resilience and determination. When asked about his choice of learning partner, he expressed his confidence in Hemsley Fraser, emphasizing the strategic alliance they share.

Dr. Vishnu: Charting a Course for Development

Dr. Vishnu, the brains behind ACI, provided insights into their initiative, ActionINVEST. He discussed the impact of the oil & gas discovery on ACI and Guyana's economy. As a community leader and board member, Dr. Vishnu shared his predictions for the future of learning & development in Guyana, painting a promising picture. Additionally, he explained his pivotal role in connecting Guyana Port with Hemsley Fraser, underscoring the importance of collaboration in the business world.

Rita Sookrit: Unraveling Market Surprises

Rita Sookrit, representing Hemsley Fraser, offered intriguing perspectives on the Guyana market. She discussed the surprises they encountered and Hemsley Fraser's vision for the Guyana market. Sookrit also shared her positive experience working alongside GPI, highlighting the synergy between their organizations.

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