HRchat Podcast

Employee Iris Recognition Tech with Mohammed Murad and Ken Mallin

October 20, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 639
HRchat Podcast
Employee Iris Recognition Tech with Mohammed Murad and Ken Mallin
Show Notes

In this HRchat interview, we consider iris recognition biometric technology available to hold employees accountable and the benefits seen by enterprise organizations.

Returning to the show is Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development at Iris ID. For 25+ years, Iris ID has been the leading innovator of advanced iris authentication solutions.

We also have Ken Mallin, Sales Manager at TreeRing Workforce Solutions on the show. Ken is a highly strategic sales professional with 20+ years in Software Development and SaaS. TreeRing’s powerful time and attendance solution — TreeRing Time — replaces cumbersome tracking procedures and completely eliminates collecting payroll information manually.

Questions for Mohammed include: 

  • Why do you believe that companies should be upgrading to biometrics when it comes to time and attendance solutions? Since we last spoke on the show back in 2020, how has the use of contactless biometric devices by organizations evolved?
  • In the context of employee privacy, are there any misconceptions about biometrics that you come across regularly?
  • Work patterns have changed dramatically in the past few years. What would be your response to the suggestion that an employee should be measured on productivity rather than hours logged?
  • Iris ID says it's the only biometric workforce management solution with a full ecosystem of partners! What does that look like and what does it mean for your customers?
  • Iris ID recently added TreeRing to it's partner ecosystem to help thousands of users nationwide stay productive and gain better insight as to how their operations are running including monitoring profitability and ROI. Tell us more.

Questions for Ken Ken include: 

  • Tell us what your customers are saying about the IrisTime iT100?
  • How easy is the integration of the device with TreeRing Time?
  • Can you tell us about ROI or success stories your clients are experiencing now that they are us

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