HRchat Podcast

Wellness at Work with Nick Steiert

December 06, 2023 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 657
HRchat Podcast
Wellness at Work with Nick Steiert
Show Notes

In this HRchat episode, Bill Banham talks with Nick Steiert, Co-Founder and Director of the awesome new Wellnergy Festival. Starting very soon, Nick will be the latest co-host of the HRchat Podcast.

The episodes Nick will host are focused on wellbeing in the workplace and ways to live a healthier life. Tune in to get to know Nick and gain insights into what to expect from the new shows hosted by Nick.

Questions for Nick include

  • Tell us about the genesis of the Wellnergy Festival
  • You say that the Wellnergy Festival is "made for everyone, not just for those “into wellness”." What do you mean by that? How do we make wellness education more accessible? 
  • Wellnergy offers a bunch of experiential learning and growth options such as meditation, sound bath healing, talks, and workshops. Tell us more
  • You'll be hosting a new series of interviews with Wellnergy speakers and partners on the HRchat feed. Tell us about the purpose of the series.
  • Tell us about some of the guests and learning outcomes

Background info:

Have you ever been introduced to sound healing?… Or heard the life-changing benefits of cold water therapy?! Have you experienced a blend of dance and yoga on a scale bigger than anything you’ve seen before? If not, what are you waiting for!

The way we set up Wellnergy is unique. We had 8 tents and stages with talks, music and classes running throughout the day. We also had over 50 FitPros with their own designated space around the park running more sessions just for you! Nowhere else will you get such a diverse range of wellness experts sharing their secrets to a happier and healthier you!

Have we not mentioned our music yet? Curated by the internationally acclaimed Gardens of Babylon. As the day moved to evening, we had 4 world-renowned DJs taking to the stage. The perfect way to round off your day was to immerse yourself in the sounds of Wellnergy!
Exciting variations of practices such as meditation, sound bath healing, talks and workshops on relevant topics such as:

Stress and anxiety management
Mental resilience
Excelling through the day
Being your best self

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