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WorkingTech #31: Mitch Stephens, President and Founder at JDXpert by HRTMS Inc

December 04, 2017 The HR Gazette
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
WorkingTech #31: Mitch Stephens, President and Founder at JDXpert by HRTMS Inc
Show Notes

In this episode of the WorkingTech show, we hear from Mitch Stephens, the Founder, President and product architect for HRTMS, creators of JDXpert, the groundbreaking job information and description management system.

Listen to the show to discover: 

·        Why JDXpert was founded and the key primary challenge it addresses

·        What separates JDXpert from the competition

·        How does your solution improve the lives of talent acquisition and/or HR pros?

·        The unique reporting offer by JDXpert for executive leadership, directors and everyday users

·        How JDXpert improves the candidate experience


About Mitch Stephens

Mitch Stephens, the Founder and Chief Software Architect of HRTMS Inc., a human resource software company specializing in Job Information and Description Management, has over 30 years of experience solving problems for industry with simple yet powerful software solutions. In his role as Chief Software Architect, Mr. Stephens is responsible for the design and development of JDXpert and meeting the complex needs of JDXpert clients.  

​Mr. Stephens has launched numerous software products that make common business problems and back office functions easy, painless, and efficient. As a software architect and programmer, he developed many of the approaches to talent management that have become industry standards, particularly in job description management, performance management and compensation.

His successes include commercial releases with Report2Web, Redwood Software, OnSphere, and most recently, HCR Software, where he developed their industry-leading compensation software.

In 2009, Mr. Stephens began the development of the first stand-alone SaaS (Software as a Service) Job Description Management application, HRTMS Jobs.  HRTMS Jobs, now known as JDXpert, allows users to not only edit and store their job descriptions but also make them the centerpiece and “record of truth” of their Talent Management Operations. Since its release in 2010, HRTMS Jobs/JDXpert has been the leader in Job Information and Description Management Software and remains the most comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use solution on the market today.

Mr. Stephens has worked with companies such as Xerox, Cedars-Sinai, Abbott Laboratories, Lincoln Financial, Haemonetics, Dollar/Thrifty Automotive Group, Böwe Bell+Howell, Panasonic, Wake Forest Medical Center, US Department of Defense, Wachovia.

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