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Recruitment Marketing Trends w/ Jennifer Henley, NAS

November 23, 2021 The HR Gazette Season 1 Episode 365
HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts
Recruitment Marketing Trends w/ Jennifer Henley, NAS
Show Notes

In this HRchat episode, we do a deep dive into the world of talent attraction and recruitment marketing to understand what worked pre-Covid and what's making a difference during The Great Resignation.

Bill's guest this time is Jennifer Henley, an authority in recruitment solutions and consultative client services. As a candidate experience advisor with NAS Recruitment Innovation, she partners with talent acquisition leadership to optimize candidate attraction through storytelling, technology, and strategy.

Jennifer is a featured speaker at HR communications industry conferences and events across the US and she possesses the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and SHRM-CP designations, a Six Sigma Lean Green Belt Certified (LGBC) professional and proud member of both NAHCR and SHRM.

Questions For Jenn Include:

  • The NAS Recruitment site suggests employment branding can lead to 50% more qualified applicants, decrease cost per hire by 43%, and reduce employee turnover by 28%. That seems like an attractive business case. Can you share more stats and trends HR can use to build their business case for investment in employer branding and recruitment marketing programs? 
  • It's much harder during this Great Resignation to attract top talent. What's changed when it comes to telling the story of a brand / attracting candidates and why? (demands of employees around e.g. flexible hours, DEI initiatives, remote work)
  • "An astounding 94% of professional recruiters use social media in their talent recruitment efforts". Why does social media continue to play such an important role in employer branding and TA? Have you seen changes in which platforms get the most results when comparing Gen Zers with Millennials? 
  • Recruitment Marketing that still generates an ROI: What's working today? What tech, job boards, and other avenues are still getting results in the war for talent?
  • NAS aims to "uncover a firm's employment value propositions and create an employment brand that serves as the centerpiece of your candidate attraction strategy". So my follow-up question is: How can companies position themselves as an attractive employer brand in 2022 and beyond? What are those 'PR efforts' that HR teams can support to demonstrate that the organization is the right destination for candidates? 

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